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セラミックForever Titanium Hybrid kitchen knives possess a unique combination of qualities: superior cutting edge retention,
lightness, rust resistance, antibacterial, flexibility, and biocompatibility.Forever Titanium Hybrid knives are the only knives of their kind in the world because the titanium goes completely through the blade. Other ‘titanium’ knives simply have a surface titanium coating that will eventually peel off.

Titanium Hybrid knives are available in blade sizes ranging from 10 to 22cm. The series includes multi-purpose Santoku knives and specialist meat, fish, and vegetable knives.


40% Lighter than Conventional Kitchen Knives

Today ‘light’ is the quality standard for all consumer products. The Silver Titanium’s light weight translates into comfort in the kitchen so even long periods of use will not cause arm fatigue.

Easy Maintenance

Titanium is a corrosion resistant metal, unlike steel or stainless steel knives which can be corroded by substances such as fruit acids and salt water.
That makes the Silver Titanium the ideal knife for use in the kitchen, where so many tasks involve moisture and water.

A Safe Blade Material

As a kitchen utensil that comes into contact with food, a knife must be made of a safe material.
Titanium is recognized as a safe metal that poses no health risks: it is hypoallergenic (highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) and biocompatible (not harmful or toxic).
We can see it being used in dental implants, artificial bones, surgical instruments, frames for glasses and, increasingly, jewellery.
In all these applications, titanium interacts safely with the human body.