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See Forever’s patented Diamond Titanium plain edge and scalloped edge 3D knives.
All knives are made in Japan and are available in several sizes and styles to cover any cutting task in the professional or home kitchen.


イメージSee Forever’s full range of ceramic knives, including white blades, black blades,colorful blades and colorful handles.


イメージTitanium Hybrid kitchen knives
in a wide range of sizes and styles, including santoku knives, bread knives and a chef knife, sashimi knife, deba knife, paring knife and others.

銀抗菌ステンシリーズ 詳細へ

イメージUltra hygienic antibacterial vacuum insulated beverage bottles in 3 different styles: “Twist Top”, “Flip Top”,
and “Push Button” type. Available in black, red and gold.


イメージHighly wear resistant ceramic and titanium cutter knives made using our own unique manufacturing method.

キッチンまわり 詳細へ

イメージOur kitchen tools series includes Ceramic and Silver Titanium peelers and slicers as well as sharpeners designed for Ceramic and Silver Titanium knives and scissors.


イメージCeramic scissors in various sizes for use in the kitchen, garden and for hard to cut materials. Our range also includes garden scissors and stainless steel scissors.