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About Forever Ceramic Knives

What’s different about Forever ceramic knives?

Forever ceramic knives are the highest quality ceramic knives in the world.
Manufactured in Japan using the finest raw materials and our own original
manufacturing method, our high ceramic knives stay sharper, for a longer
period than any other knives, including competitor ceramic knives.

How long will a Forever ceramic knife stay sharp?

All kitchen knives, including ceramic, lose their sharp edge over time.
Carbon and stainless steel knives very quickly lose their initial sharpness
but Forever ceramic knives are harder than other knives – ceramic is
second in hardness to diamond – and are thus able to retain a sharp,
cutting edge for a much longer period. The superior cutting edge
retention of Forever ceramic knives has been established in
testing by the UK’s Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association,
an independent testing organization.

About Forever Titanium Hybrid Knives

What’s so good about Forever Titanium Hybrid knives?

The Titanium Hybrid is an ideal knife for use in any kitchen: lightweight,
rust resistant, flexible, non-allergenic, antibacterial and possessing superior
cutting edge retention to all other metal knives. Furthermore, the Titanium
Hybrid will not leave a metallic taste or smell on the food with which
it comes into contact.

If Titanium Hybrid knives are so good, why don’t other companies make them too?

Other companies have tried but all have failed in their attempts to make titanium
knives. Forever alone has succeeded, using our own patented technology.
For that reason our Titanium Hybrid knives are the only knives of their kind
in the world.

Isn’t titanium too light to be used as a kitchen knife?

It is a popular misconception that a knife must be heavy to cut well.
In the feedback we received during trial sales of the Titanium Hybrid,
customers reported that they were satisfied the most with the lightness
and cutting performance of the Titanium Hybrid. They reported that
they got used to the lightness almost immediately and when they used
a steel knife again they were surprised at how heavy it felt.

Is the Titanium Hybrid really rust resistant?

The Titanium Hybrid will not rust, not even in sea water. It is an ideal
material for use in the kitchen where kitchen knives come into contact
with water and aggressive substances such as acids in fruit that can
corrode other metal knives.