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Corporate Philosophy


Company Profile

Company Name Forever Co., Ltd.
Business Manufacture of titanium and ceramic cutlery Manufacture of powder molding presses, high-speed tabletting machines Development and sales of the world’s first antibacterial stainless steel bottle. Development, manufacturing and sales of a variety of laborsaving machinery.
Establishment 1959
Capital JPY30,000,000
Employees 107 (including subsidiaries)
Head Office 1-3-19 Sakae-cho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken, 332-0017 Tel: 81-48-252-8122 Fax: 81-48-255-0106 E-Mail:info2010@forever-k.com
China Office ROOM 517, NO.2, LANE31, JIATONG ROAD, MCC PLAZA, NANXIANG, JIADING, SHANGHAI, CHINA, 201802 Tel: +86-13818188520 Fax: +86-21-56314022 E-Mail:infochina2010@forever-k.com
Production Plants Iwate Prefecture, Japan.
Banking Saitama Resona Bank, The Shokochukin Bank, Mizuho Bank, Kawaguchi Shinkin Bank

Our History

Forever is unlike any other cutlery manufacturer. We are the newest cutlery company in Japan, the company founder Akira Hirai having established a knife research facility in 1990.

The foundation for our success has been our sintering technology and the 30 years of experience we had built up as a world-class manufacturer of advanced powder press machinery. Utilizing our powder presses we have been able to develop patented knives with new advanced blade materials never previously seen before in the hitherto stainless and carbon steel dominated cutlery industry.

Our hybrid titanium knives (the world’s first) and high density ceramic knives have found such popularity among end users that sales of our knives have increased twelvefold in the past ten years. We currently manufacture under our own Forever brand and also on an OEM basis for several of the world’s leading knife companies.

Powder pressing and sintering make possible a completely new type of hybrid cutlery, free from the limitations of conventional cutlery. Forever knives not only have an edge retention ability that is beyond the bounds of possibility for conventional knives, they are also lightweight, rust resistant, non-allergenic and antibacterial.

We will continue to create groundbreaking products that revolutionize the cutlery world in the 21st century and beyond.

Our History March 1959 Started manufacturing and sales of a special cellophane high speed automatic packaging machine with the company name as Hirai Machinery Company.
August 1973 Company name changed to Machine Service Corporation with capital of 10,000,000 yen.
May 1975 Company name changed to Mashina.
August 1978 Head office relocated to present address. Started manufacturing and sales of original tabletting machine and patented powder press.
1978/1982/1985 Renovation of Head Office and Plant.
December 1986 Establishment of second production facility in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture for large-scale manufacture of press machines. Development of world’s first completely automated non-abrasion machine, the Hirai Blader.
December 1990 Completion of molding press plant and research facility in Iwate Prefecture. Started trial research and manufacture of ceramic kitchen knives.
December 1991 Started trial research and manufacture of Titanium Hybrid kitchen knives.
August 1996 Started manufacturing and sales of knives/scissors etc. for household usage and titanium compound blades for industrial usage.
December 2001 Established Kitchen Knife Sales Office in Asakusa, Tokyo.
January 2002 Court victory successfully overturned ceramic knife patent.
November 2003 Company name changed to Forever Corporation with increased capital of 20,000,000 yen.
November 2004 Establishment of new distribution center in Kawaguchi.
April 2005 Establishment of additional production facility in Iwate Prefecture.
August 2005 Integration of Tokyo office and Distribution Center.
February 2008 Exhibited for first time at Ambiente, Frankfurt